DHCPv6 Option for IPv4-Embedded Multicast and Unicast IPv6 Prefixes
RFC 8115

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Comment (2017-01-31 for -12)
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- (nit) section 3: it seems odd to say in the
figure that the prefixes are variable length but to
then say the lengths of two of them MUST be 96
bits. (I do think having the fields as is is good
for futureproofing, but would suggest changing the

- (non-nit:-) section 3: I'm not getting why the
unicast-length can be >96? And what if the prefix
length is not one of those given in RFC6052? Don't
you need to say it needs to be?

- (not sure about nittyness:-) section 5: 1st
bullet: I'm not following what "matches" means
here. Probably my ignorance but is it clear?

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Comment (2017-02-03)
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Thanks for addressing my DISCUSS points.

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