Multi-Chassis Passive Optical Network (MC-PON) Protection in MPLS
RFC 8024

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Comment (2016-09-14 for -04)
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I was surprised by this text in the Abstract,

   MPLS is being deployed deeper into operator networks, often to or
   past the access network node. 
because I don't think what this is saying, matches text like this in the Introduction,

   Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is being extended to the edge
   of operator networks, as is described in the the Multi-Segment
   Pseudowires with Passive Optical Network (PON) access use case

Is it "to the edge", or "past the access network node"? But if there's no reason to use a different description, you might consider using the same description in both places.

Of course, you folks are the experts on how MPLS is deployed ... and maybe I'm just confused by which direction you mean when you say "deeper"!

I am also interested in resolution of Stephen's Discuss.

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Thanks for resolving my discuss. (See the email thread for

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Thank you for addressing my DISCUSS.

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I agree with Stephen's discuss and the SecDir reviewer.

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