IANA Allocation Procedures for the GMPLS OTN Signal Type Registry
RFC 7892

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 04 and is now closed.

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Comment (2016-03-10 for -04)
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Updated from Last Call version for Secdir review.

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Comment (2016-03-15 for -04)
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I had a DISCUSS on the registration policy, but Lou has put forth this alternative, which comes from earlier discussions:

   "Standards Action" for Standards Track documents, and "Specification
   Required" for other documents. The designated expert is any current
   CCAMP WG chair or, in the case the group is no longer active, designated
   by the IESG.

Happily clearing the DISCUSS with that text on the table.  Thanks.

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Comment (2016-03-14 for -04)
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The Shepherd's writeup should be updated.  The document doesn't register any new types, it just updates the registration policy.

I find the description of the updated registration policies confusing.  The text reads: "…updated with the following registration policies: "Standards Action" and "Specification Required"…"   What does the "and" of these two policies mean?   I see [1] that the WG Chair had proposed: "IANA section needs to be updated indicating the registry and the following registration policies:  "Standards Action" (for Standards Track documents) and "Specification Required" (for other documents). ", but even though there were only positive comments in reply, the document did not adopt that text.  

It might be just me who finds the current text not obvious as IANA seems to not have a problem with it either [2].

[1] https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/ccamp/4PRR2n5zqABNrDMhJje_raPE6Qw
[2] Message sent to the authors and IESG only.

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