Reducing Energy Consumption of Router Advertisements
RFC 7772

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(Ben Campbell) Yes

Comment (2015-11-17)
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Just a few minor comments:

- 1: It would be nice to have a very brief summary of the recommendations (even if it's just the fact that the doc makes recommendations) in the introduction.

- 4, 3rd paragraph from end:"the average power budget for
      receiving RAs must be no more than 0.1mA"
Should that be mAH?

-8: There is no reference for RFC 6104.

(Alissa Cooper) Yes

(Spencer Dawkins) Yes

(Stephen Farrell) Yes

Comment (2015-11-16)
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I like this kind of thing, thanks!

Is the implication of 5.1, bullet 1 that devices are listening
but check the RA information before deciding to wake the main
CPU or not? I'd say a reference to some description of that
kind of implementation would be a useful thing to add.

It'd be good to see a response to the secdir review, [1] which
raised a couple of minor points. 


(Brian Haberman) Yes

(Joel Jaeggli) Yes

(Barry Leiba) Yes

(Kathleen Moriarty) Yes

Comment (2015-11-17)
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I'd also like to see a response to the points int he SecDir review, Stephen provided the link already.

Thanks for your work on this draft.

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Comment (2015-11-17)
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Some editorial proposals from Qin, part of the OPS Directorate review.
Here are a few suggestion and editorial comments:

1.  Section 4, last bullet:

s/ non-general-purpose/ dedicated

2.  Section 5.1, bullet 2 said:

“Administrators of networks that serve large numbers (tens or
hundreds) of battery-powered devices SHOULD enable this

which behavior should be enabled? “Responding to Router Solicitations
with unicast Router Advertisements” or the behavior described by bullet 1?
Please make this clear.

3.  Section 5.1, bullet 3:

The word “Section” repeats twice, it is not necessary.
s/see section Section 4/see Section 4

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Comment (2015-11-17)
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One comment about Section 4.  Router Advertisement frequency:

There are no references to where the power draw numbers are coming from. E.g., it is not clear what real device is taking 5 mA vs 200 mA.