Multi-Topology Extension for the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Version 2 (OLSRv2)
RFC 7722

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 05 and is now closed.

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Comment (2015-10-07)
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Thanks for addressing my DISCUSS and Sue's points.

Editorial comments:

Section 12

"If the MANET may contain non-MT-OLSRv2 routers,"
This is weird sentence.

The next bullet point contains a similar sentence which I believe is more appropriate: 
"Note that if there is any possibility that there are any routers not implementing MT-OLSRv2"

The following sentence could also be improved (may or may not)
      "If a packet is created for a destination that is not part of the
      corresponding topology then it may or may not be delivered (if the
      originating router is a non-MT-OLSRv2 router) or will not be
      transmitted (if the originating router is an MT-OLSRv2 router).
      Routers SHOULD be managed so that this does not occur."

Regards, Benoit

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Comment (2015-05-27 for -05)
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Let's please have a brief, non-blocking discussion of the "updates" status here.  As I read this, I don't see how this updates either 7181 or 7188.  It clearly doesn't update 7188: it's just using an extension mechanism that was specified in 7188.  I also don't think it updates 7181, because it's specifying an optional (indeed, experimental) extension.  Here: does someone reading 7181, with no interest in implementing this experimental extension, need to read (or even know about) this document?  I think the answer is no.

(There's also the spurious "XXXX" in the updates list, which should be removed.)

Update: The authors confirm that it doesn't matter to them, and they just want it to be right.  Unless anyone thinks otherwise, I think we should remove all the "updates" on this one.

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