MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Identifiers Management Information Base (MIB)
RFC 7697

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Subject: Protocol Action: 'MPLS-TP Operations, Administration, and Management (OAM) Identifiers Management Information Base (MIB)' to Proposed Standard (draft-ietf-mpls-tp-oam-id-mib-11.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'MPLS-TP Operations, Administration, and Management (OAM) Identifiers
   Management Information Base (MIB)'
  (draft-ietf-mpls-tp-oam-id-mib-11.txt) as Proposed Standard

This document is the product of the Multiprotocol Label Switching Working

The IESG contact persons are Alvaro Retana, Alia Atlas and Deborah

A URL of this Internet Draft is:

Technical Summary

 This memo defines a portion of the Management Information Base (MIB)
  for use with network management protocols in the Internet community.
  In particular, it describes Operations, Administration, and
  Management (OAM) identifiers related managed objects for
  Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and MPLS based Transport Profile

Working Group Summary

   There is good consensus from the WG, and there is no controversy. 

Document Quality

 The draft has been a WG document for over two years. There was active
  discussion in the WG, it passed the MIB Doctor and experts review, many
  valuable comments received and addressed. A number of iterations 
  reflecting that. There are number of vendors that either has or will 
  implement the MIB module.

Document Shepherd: Mach Chen
 Responsible Area Director: Deborah Brungard