Clarifications for the Use of REFER with RFC 6665
RFC 7647

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Comment (2015-06-22)
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A couple of nits, but I'm a Yes.

3GPP capitalizes "3GPP", don't they? It would be nice to match their usage. 

It might be nice to provide a pointer of some sort, so that people who work on the periphery of 3GPP can figure out if they are involved enough to care about "the 3GPP environment".

In this text:

4.  Dialog reuse is prohibited

   If a peer in an existing dialog has provided a GRUU as its Contact,
   sending a REFER that might result in an additional dialog usage
   within that dialog is prohibited.  This is a direct consequence of
   [RFC6665] requiring the use of GRUU, and the requirements in section
   4.5.2 of that document.
I found the use of "is prohibited" somewhat strange, because this section contains plenty of RFC 2119 language in close proximity. Am I reading this as saying "the 2119 language is over there"? 

If so, section 4.5.2 is nearly two pages long. Is this text just pointing to 

   Subscribers MUST NOT attempt to reuse dialogs whose remote target is
   a GRUU.
or to something else?

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