General Network Element Constraint Encoding for GMPLS-Controlled Networks
RFC 7579

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 18 and is now closed.

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Comment (2015-02-18 for -19)
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Some editorial points, as flagged by Jouni in his OPS-DIR review

Editorials (I use the idnits line numbering on version 17):

* line 124: WSON is never expanded. It might be obvious for the authors
  but expanding the acronym on the first use would be nice.

* Line 1157
  [Switch] G. Bernstein, Y. Lee, A. Gavler, J. Martensson, " Modeling

* Line 303: The "Switching Cap" gets used as a short name for
  "Switching Capability" but that is not described anywhere. One the
  other hand for "Connectivity" a short name "Conn" is described.

* Line 355: The "RstType" gets introduced as a short name for

* Line 344: RestrictType

* Line 708: "Note that that.."

* Line 742: "..Num Label bits"
                       ^^^ 's' missing

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Comment (2015-02-18 for -19)
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Thank you for addressing the editorial nits raised in the SecDir review.

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