An Optimization for the Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Neighborhood Discovery Protocol (NHDP)
RFC 7466

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

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Comment (2014-11-03 for -03)
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A minor nit that needs attention is to indicate clearly in the Abstract that the protocol extension in this document is optional.

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Comment (2014-11-24 for -03)
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= Section 3 =
"This specification also updates [RFC7181].  This could be avoided by
   simply noting that ..."

This doesn't quite make sense. Maybe it should say "This could have been avoided"? Or maybe this paragraph is really about the mechanism as opposed to the spec updating 7181? I thought the way this was explained in Section 1 was sufficient and made sense.

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Comment (2014-11-03 for -03)
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No objection, and no comments directly on the document -- it looks fine, clear, and sensible.

The shepherd writeup momentarily alarmed me with this:

        There were some concerns regarding a missing
        quantitative evaluation of the performance improvement of the
        specified optimization from Abdussalam Baryun. Nobody else shared 
        his concerns, and he can therefore be considered to be "in the rough".

One is not in the rough just because no one shares his concern: if he has a technical argument that has not been properly addressed, it matters not that he's a lone wolf howling... the argument remains open.

So I went to the manet mailing list and checked, and I'm convinced that it is *not* the case that he's a lone wolf.  I believe his issue was addressed, that he is, indeed, in the rough, and that I was alarmed unnecessarily.

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