MIB Transfer from the IETF to the IEEE 802.3 WG
RFC 7448

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 01 and is now closed.

(Benoît Claise) Yes

(Adrian Farrel) Yes

(Jari Arkko) No Objection

(Richard Barnes) No Objection

Alissa Cooper No Objection

(Spencer Dawkins) No Objection

Comment (2014-11-24)
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I have the same questions that Brian put in his Discuss, but if you answer his questions, I'll believe you ...

(Stephen Farrell) No Objection

(Brian Haberman) (was Discuss) No Objection

(Joel Jaeggli) No Objection

Barry Leiba No Objection

Comment (2014-11-06)
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As I can't find anything to complain about in this most straightforward of documents, I'll have to whine about stuff in the shepherd writeup.

   The feedback received was integrated and the
   feedbacker (sic) states he is happy with the changes.

That should be "feederbackerer".  And who you calling sic?

   Nope. No one cared <sob>

What does Scott Bradner have to do with this?

   It's also in my favorite font...


(Ted Lemon) No Objection

(Kathleen Moriarty) No Objection

(Pete Resnick) No Objection

(Martin Stiemerling) No Objection

Comment (2014-11-25)
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What Brian said in his ballot.