Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) URN Namespace Definition
RFC 7302

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Comment (2014-05-26 for -02)
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Section 2:
"Additional prefix values conforming to the EIDR-PREFIX syntax
      might be introduced by EIDR organization in the future."

Is "EIDR organization" in the above sentence the same as the Entertainment Identifier Registry Association? If so, and if there is only one EIDR Association, it seems like it should be called "the EIDR Association" throughout this document.

Section 6:
"This document only specifies the syntax of the EIDR-URN namespace,
   and is therefore security-neutral."

This seems to imply that specifying a syntax is a security-neutral activity, but that's not always true, for example when the lexical equivalence procedure is poorly specified. I would recommend deleting this sentence and perhaps adding some text to the effect that failure to use the specified lexical equivalence procedure could result in granting unauthorized access to particular resources (if circumstances exist where EIDR-URNs identify resources that are under access control).

It also seems that https://doi.org/ is not accessible, so it may be worth noting that at present, the primary mechanism envisioned for resolving EIDR-URNs is not confidentiality protected.

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