Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) URN Namespace Definition
RFC 7302

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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                        P. Lemieux
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Category: Informational                                        July 2014
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   Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) URN Namespace Definition


   Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) Identifiers are used for the
   globally unique identification of motion picture and television
   content.  This document defines the formal Uniform Resource Name
   (URN) Namespace Identifier (NID) for EIDR Identifiers.

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Lemieux                       Informational                     [Page 1]
RFC 7302              EIDR URN Namespace Definition            July 2014

1.  Introduction

   This document defines the formal Uniform Resource Name (URN)
   Namespace Identifier (NID) for EIDR Identifiers.

   EIDR Identifiers are centrally registered, globally unique
   identifiers for audiovisual works and their variants, primarily film
   and television.  A unique set of metadata parameters describing the
   associated work is bound to the EIDR Identifier at the time of

   EIDR Identifiers are a special kind of DOI Names allocated by EIDR
   Association specifically for audiovisual works.  The Digital Object
   Identifier (DOI) system provides an infrastructure for persistent
   unique identification of objects of any type and is specified in
   [ISO26234].  A DOI name is the identifier that is permanently
   assigned to an object.  The use of DOI Names ensures persistence,
   global uniqueness, and an open resolution infrastructure.

   As a DOI Name, an EIDR Identifier has two components: a prefix
   assigned exclusively to EIDR Association by the DOI Registration
   Authority and a suffix defined by EIDR Association.  Currently, EIDR
   Identifiers use the prefix "10.5240", but additional prefixes might
   be introduced in the future.

   The following is an example of an EIDR Identifier in its canonical


   where "10.5240" is the prefix and "7791-8534-2C23-9030-8610-5" is the
   suffix.  The canonical URN representation of the same EIDR Identifier

   Note that ":" is used as separator between prefix and suffix since
   "/" is a URN reserved character.

   [EIDR-OVERVIEW] and [EIDR-INTRO] provide additional background

Lemieux                       Informational                     [Page 2]
RFC 7302              EIDR URN Namespace Definition            July 2014

2.  Completed URN Namespace Definition Template

   The namespace definition according to the template in [RFC3406] is as

   Namespace ID:


   Registration Information:

      Version 1


   Declared registrant of the namespace:


         Entertainment Identifier Registry Association


         c/o Alliances Management
         544 Hillside Road
         Redwood City, CA 94062


         URL: http://eidr.org/contact/
         Email: info@eidr.org

   Declaration of syntactic structure:

      An EIDR Identifier is a special kind of DOI Name (see [ISO26234])
      and, as such, consists of two components: a prefix denoted EIDR-
      PREFIX and a suffix denoted EIDR-SUFFIX.  The URN representation
      URN-EIDR of an EIDR Identifier conforms to the syntax (expressed
      using [RFC5234]):

           URN-EIDR = "urn:eidr:" EIDR-NSS
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