Object Identifier Registry for the PKIX Working Group
RFC 7299

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 02 and is now closed.

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(Stephen Farrell) Yes

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Comment (2014-04-23 for -02)
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We need to check if the Gen-ART review comments from Roni Even were handled. There was no response.

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Comment (2014-04-17 for -02)
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I appreciate that the process here is a bit complicated because the
arc is transitioning from the PKIX WG to IANA. That means some 
codepoints are limbotomised (caught in the gap created by the 
transition) in that the DE has not had a chance to pronounce on
them and no IETF-approved document records them, yet they need to be
captured in the new registry. 

I think it would be good to call these out explicitly (yes they are
present in the lists in Section 3, but there is no explanation) so
that we have a record that the WG has already approved them.

Part of the issue here is that the relevant documents are not PKIX
WG documents. Furthermore, the documents do not appear to have
satisfactory IANA considerations sections.

Obviously, this document cannot fix those other documents, but it
would be good to include a section (e.g. 2.1) describing "Allocations
Already Approved by the PKIX Working Group".

I believe that this would also serve to address IANA's questions about
the relationship with draft-housley-pkix-test-oids (although not their
question about 31 != 33).

The related I-Ds in question are:
- draft-jabley-dnssec-trust-anchor-08 [ID-Abley] 
- draft-ietf-sidr-bgpsec-pki-profiles [ID-BGPSEC]
- draft-housley-pkix-test-oids [ID-Housley] 
  (slightly different category because it is in the RFC editor queue)

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Comment (2014-04-17 for -02)
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I agree with Adrian's comment.

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