Allocating and Retiring Special-Purpose MPLS Labels
RFC 7274

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 06 and is now closed.

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Comment (2014-03-27)
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Thank you Alia for spending the 1 min to update the abstract.

This document is difficult to read, as it's not optimized per question/answer.
Look at question 2 in section 2, for which the answer is in section 3, but then points to 3.2 for more details.

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Comment (2014-03-22)
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- p1: 13 pages and updating 13 RFCs! Is that a record?

- p7: What is an IETF-wide survey?

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Comment (2014-03-21)
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No objection here; this all sounds good.

Someone might consider whether it's better to correct the grammar of the second sentence in the abstract (I understand what it means to say, but I can't parse it), or let the RFC Editor do it.

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Comment (2014-03-24)
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This is just a comment, non-blocking, it would be easier to read if section 2. Questions was combined with section 3. Answers.

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