Use of the OSPF-MANET Interface in Single-Hop Broadcast Networks
RFC 7137

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Comment (2014-01-03)
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I agree with Barry's compliment. Easy to understand. 

As a comment - I'm looking at this text:

3.  Single-Hop Network Operation

   The operation of the MANET interface doesn't change when implemented
   on a single-hop broadcast interface.  However, the operation of some
   of the proposed enhancements can be simplified.  Explicitly, the
   Overlapping Relay Discovery Process SHOULD NOT be executed and the
   A-bit SHOULD NOT be set by any of the nodes: the result is an empty
   set of Active Overlapping Relays.

Are these SHOULD NOT 2119 keywords required for interoperability? The paragraph looks more like a statement saying "if you don't do these things, the result is an empty set of Active Overlapping Relays, and that simplifies operation".

You might consider that, along with any other comments you receive.

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Comment (2013-12-30)
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Thanks for the clear explanation of what you're doing and why -- it made it very easy to review this document.

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