Instant Messaging and Presence Purpose for the Call-Info Header Field in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
RFC 6993

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Comment (2013-05-28 for -03)
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This is more for the RAI ADs than anything else (no action requested from the document authors).

In 2.  Security Considerations

   Advertising an endpoint's XMPP address over SIP could inform
   malicious entities about an alternative attack vector.  Because the
   "purpose" header field parameter could be spoofed, the receiving
   endpoint ought to check the value against an authoritative source
   such as a user directory.  Clients can integrity protect and encrypt
   this header field using end-to-end mechanisms such as S/MIME or hop-
   by-hop mechanisms such as TLS.

We're talking about a SIP client (with an XMPP address in a SIP header field parameter), is that right? Has S/MIME gotten much deployment to date? I know we didn't even mention S/MIME in SIPconnect 1.1 (,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,476/Itemid,261/)

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Thanks for considering my discuss point.


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no objection on the basis of the revised id that will be coming

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Would there be other capabilities that you'd want to advertise?  Like here's my certificate?