Deprecation of BGP Path Attributes: DPA, ADVERTISER, and RCID_PATH / CLUSTER_ID
RFC 6938

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(Stewart Bryant) Yes

(Adrian Farrel) Yes

Comment (2013-02-18)
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I am very supportive of this action, but completely confused by process.

AFAICS, the registry is "Standards Action process or the Early IANA Allocation process". From where I stand, that means that action to change the registry must be in a Standards Track RFC or (for new allocations) in an I-D that is intended for Standards Track publication.

This would be a minor pain in this case since the I-D was last called as Informational. However, we have lived a number of years with these stray values in the registry, so I doubt a couple more weeks will kill anyone. I'll leave it to the responsible AD to work out what needs to be done.

(Brian Haberman) Yes

Barry Leiba Yes

Comment (2013-02-12)
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No action required here, other than, perhaps, further generic discussion within the IESG:

We should absolutely do this.

I would have preferred to do it by last-calling the action and then handling it as a management item by the IESG.  The significant expense of publishing an RFC for it seems excessive.

(Sean Turner) Yes

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