Formally Deprecating Some ICMPv4 Message Types
RFC 6918

Approval announcement
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From: The IESG <>
To: IETF-Announce <>
Cc: RFC Editor <>
Subject: Protocol Action: 'Formally Deprecating Some ICMPv4 Message Types' to Proposed Standard (draft-gp-obsolete-icmp-types-iana-01.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Formally Deprecating Some ICMPv4 Message Types'
  (draft-gp-obsolete-icmp-types-iana-01.txt) as Proposed Standard

This document has been reviewed in the IETF but is not the product of an
IETF Working Group.

The IESG contact person is Ronald Bonica.

A URL of this Internet Draft is:

  Technical Summary

    A number of ICMPv4 message types have become obsolete in practice,
    but have never been formally deprecated.  This document deprecates
    such ICMPv4 message types, thus cleaning up the corresponding IANA
    registry.  Additionally, it updates RFC792 and RFC950, obsoletes
    RFC1788, and requests the RFC Editor to change the status of RFC1788
    to "Historic".

  Working Group Summary

    This document was not considered by any IETF Working Group.
    It was generated as an individual submission when it was
    realized that in obsoleting unused ICMP code points certain
    RFCs would also need to be updated or obsoleted.

  Document Quality

    This document does a clear job of laying out the changes
    it makes.  As it is marking unused protocol identifiers
    as deprecated, there is no implementation of this document,
    nor of most of the items it references.


    Joel Halpern is the Docment Shepherd for this Individual Submission
    document.  Ron Bonica is the sponsoring AD.