Procedure call documents: Version 2
RFC 674

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<GJOURNAL>31484.NLS;1, 12-DEC-74 04:32 XXX ;;;;   Title:  Author(s):
Jonathan B. Postel/JBP; Distribution: /NAG( [ ACTION ] ) NLG( [ ACTION ]
) NSW( [ ACTION ] ) PI( [ ACTION ] ) ; Sub-Collections: NIC NWG  SRI-ARC
NAG NLG NSW PI; RFC# 674; Clerk: JAKE;         Origin: < NETINFO,
RFC674.NLS;2, >, 11-DEC-74 17:58 JAKE ;;;;####;

NWG/RFC# 674                                JBP 11-DEC-74 18:04  31484
Procedure Call Protocol Documents

Request for Comments 674                                    Jon Postel
NIC 31484                                                    Jim White
                                                      12 December 1974

                  Procedure Call Protocol Documents
                              Version 2


As many of you may know SRI is part of a team working on the National
Software Works project. In the course of our work we have developed a
Procedure Call Protocol to be used between the modules which make up
the NSW. We are interested in your comments on this protocol. Please
foreward your remarks to either:                                           2

   James E. White (WHITE@SRI-ARC) or Jon Postel (POSTEL@SRI-ARC)          2a

                     Augmentation Research Center
                     Stanford Research Institute
                     Menlo Park, California 94025                         2b

            (415) 326-6200 x2960 (White) or x3718 (Postel)                2c

This note announces the release of the second published version of
several National Software Works (NSW) and Procedure Call Protocol
(PCP) documents. Version 2 is SUBSTANTIALLY different than Version 1;
it and all intermediate, informally distributed PCP documents are
obsoleted by this release.                                                 3

Each of the following documents is available on-line in two forms: as
an NLS file and as a formatted text file.  The Journal number (e.g.
24459) refers to the former, of course, and the pathname (e.g.
[SRI-ARC]<NLS>PCP.TXT) to the latter, accessible via FTP using
USER=ANONYMOUS and PASSWORD=GUEST (no account required). Let it be
emphasised that files indicated by pathname of the form
[SRI-ARC]<NLS>name.TXT are ASCII text files not NLS files.                 4

The specifications are contained in the following documents:               5

   HOST      (24581,)  "NSW Host Protocol"                                5a

      This document describes the host level protocol used in the NSW.
      The protocol is a slightly constrained version of the standard
      ARPANET host to host protocol. The constraints  affect the
      allocation, RFNM wait, and retransmission policies.                5a1

NWG/RFC# 674                                JBP 11-DEC-74 18:04  31484
RFC 674;                                              PCP Announcement

         Pathname: [SRI-ARC]<NLS>HOST.TXT                               5a1a

   PCP       (24459,)  "The Procedure Call Protocol"                      5b

      This document describes the virtual programming environment
      provided by PCP, and the inter-process exchanges that implement
      it.                                                                5b1

         Pathname: [SRI-ARC]<NLS>PCP.TXT                                5b1a

   PIP       (24460,)  "The Procedure Interface Package"                  5c

      This document describes a package that runs in the setting
      provided by PCP and that serves as a procedure-call-level
      interface to PCP proper.  It includes procedures for calling,
      resuming, interrupting, and aborting remote procedures.            5c1

         Pathname: [SRI-ARC]<NLS>PIP.TXT                                5c1a

   PSP       (24461,)  "The PCP Support Package"                          5d

      This document describes a package that runs in the setting
      provided by PCP and that augments PCP proper, largely in the
      area of data store manipulation.  It includes procedures for
      obtaining access to groups of remote procedures and data stores,
      manipulating remote data stores, and creating temporary ones.      5d1

         Pathname: [SRI-ARC]<NLS>PSP.TXT                                5d1a

   PMP       (24462,)  "The Process Management Package"                   5e

      This document describes a package that runs in the setting
      provided by PCP and that provides the necessary tools for
      interconnecting two or more processes to form a multi-process
      system (e.g. NSW).  It includes procedures for creating,
      deleting, logically and physically interconnecting processes,
      and for allocating and releasing processors.                       5e1

         Pathname: [SRI-ARC]<NLS>PMP.TXT                                5e1a

   PCPFMT    (24576,)  "PCP Data Structure Formats"                       5f
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