Guidelines and Template for Defining Extensions to the Incident Object Description Exchange Format (IODEF)
RFC 6684

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 04 and is now closed.

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Comment (2012-06-08)
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Thanks for addressing my DISCUSS/COMMENT

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Comment (2012-06-01 for -04)
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Thank you for this document I have no objeciton to its publication.

Here are a few minor and non-blocking Comments that I would appreciate you reading before publication is complete.

You will need to remove the citaiotn notation ([ ]) from the Abstract.
You should clean up the unused reference to RFC 3339.
I would be glad if you discussed with the Ops ADs the need to include a
section in Extensons I-Ds covering Manageability Considerations for the
I found the nesting of appendixes a little perturbing, but it is 
probably easy enough to grok.

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Comment (2012-06-01 for -04)
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  Please consider the editorial comments in the Gen-ART Review by
  Peter Yee on 26-May-2012.  Please find the review here:

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