Multicast Addresses for Documentation
RFC 6676

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This document is the product of the MBONE Deployment Working Group.

The IESG contact persons are Ronald Bonica and Benoit Claise.

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    It is often useful in documentation, IETF documents, etc., to provide
    examples containing IP multicast addresses.  For documentation where
    examples of general purpose multicast addresses are needed, one
    should use multicast addresses that never will be assigned or in
    actual use.  There is a risk that addresses used in examples may
    accidentally be used.  It is then important that the same addresses
    are not used by other multicast applications or services.  It may
    also be beneficial to filter out such addresses from multicast
    signalling and multicast data sent to such addresses.

    For unicast there are both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses reserved for this
    purpose, see [RFC5737] and [RFC3849] respectively.  This document
    reserves multicast addresses for this purpose.

    There are also some multicast addresses that are derived from AS
    numbers or unicast addresses.  For examples where such addresses are
    desired, one should derive them from the AS numbers and unicast

    addresses reserved for documentation purposes.  This document also
    discusses the use of these.

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    This draft has received solid support within the working group and no
    major controversies were noted.

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    authors addressed each of these comments.


    Lenny Giuliano is the Document Shepherd. Ron Bonica is the
    Responsible Area Director.

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