Deprecation of ICMP Source Quench Messages
RFC 6633

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 06 and is now closed.

(Jari Arkko) Yes

(Ron Bonica) Yes

(Wesley Eddy) Yes

(David Harrington) Yes

(Pete Resnick) Yes

Comment (2012-03-09)
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A document so clear that I feel comfortable balloting "Yes", even if it's not in my area.

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Comment (2012-03-14)
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Thank you for this document. Clear and well constructed.

I did wonder whether RFC 1016 should be moved to Historic at this time.

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Comment (2012-03-14)
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This is probably late in the process, but I think that such a document should have been last-called with the OPSAWG as well and also with some of the operators fora, to make sure that there are no critical operator tools depending on the deprecated option, and for the operators to have a prior warning about the changes in the implementations resulting from the approval of this update.

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Comment (2012-03-08)
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I found a minor error:

   o  Processing of ICMP Source Quench messages by routers has been
      deprecated for more than 20 years [RFC1812].

Actually, it's less than 17 years: RFC 1812 was published in June 1995.

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