Testing Eyeball Happiness
RFC 6556

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- 'Testing Eyeball Happiness'
  (draft-baker-bmwg-testing-eyeball-happiness-05.txt) as an Informational

This document has been reviewed in the IETF but is not the product of an
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The IESG contact person is Ron Bonica.

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Technical Summary

The amount of time it takes to establish a session using common
 transport APIs in dual stack networks and networks with filtering
 such as proposed in BCP 38 is a barrier to IPv6 deployment.  This
 note describes a test that can be used to determine whether an
 application can reliably establish sessions quickly in a complex
 environment such as dual stack (IPv4+IPv6) deployment or IPv6
 deployment with multiple prefixes and upstream ingress filtering.
 This test is not a test of a specific algorithm, but of the external
 behavior of the system as a black box.  Any algorithm that has the
 intended external behavior will be accepted by it.

Working Group Summary

This draft is not the product of any working group. However, the Happy Eyeball concept was presented to the BMWG WG and they raised no objection.

Document Quality

This document describes a test procedure, not a protocol. It was reviewed by the BMWG chair and the AD. No major problems were found.


Ron Bonica is both shepherd and AD for this document.