Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) Heartbeat Extension
RFC 6520

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I agree with Adrian's concerns WRT guidance on message frequency and timeout.

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Stephen's DISCUSS seems very important to consider, though I'm no expert in this area, I support Stephen's DISCUSS.

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Section 4

   When a HeartbeatRequest message is received, a corresponding
   HeartbeatResponse message MUST be sent carrying an exact copy of the
   payload of the HeartbeatRequest.

I know what you mean, but several places in the text contradict this by
giving cases when a response is not to be sent.


I wonder why section 5.2 doesn't discuss the question of whether it is
necessary to have both ends transmitting heartbeats, or good enough for
just one to do it.

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Section 3 says, "If no corresponding HeartbeatResponse message has been received after some amount of time, the DTLS/TLS connection MAY be terminated by the user." Who is "the user" in this case? The reason I ask is that I'm afraid this sentence is going to cause some not-so-bright implementers to need instructions like we had to provide in draft-ietf-tcpm-persist, taking it to mean that only an end-user can terminate a DTLS/TLS connection. Do you mean "the application that initiated the HeartbeatRequest can terminate the connection"? Or that "the DTLS/TLS layer can terminate the connection"? A little more clarity here would minimize future stupidity.

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