Conference Event Package Data Format Extension for Centralized Conferencing (XCON)
RFC 6502

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Comment (2009-02-26)
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  Please consider these comments from the Gen-ART Review by Pete McCann.
  These are not addressed in the current RFC Editor note.

  Section 5.1 says:
  > When the server receives a SUBSCRIBE request (refresh or termination)
  > within the associated subscription, it SHOULD send a NOTIFY request
  > containing the full document using the 'application/
  > xcon-conference-info+xml' content type.
  Do you really want to send the full document upon termination of the

  Section 3:
   s/instance has experimented/instance has experienced/

  Section 5.2:
   s/received in notification/received in the notification/
   s/If subscriber/If the subscriber/

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