Recommendation for Not Using AS_SET and AS_CONFED_SET in BGP
RFC 6472

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Subject: Protocol Action: 'Recommendation for Not Using AS_SET and AS_CONFED_SET in BGP' to BCP (draft-ietf-idr-deprecate-as-sets-06.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Recommendation for Not Using AS_SET and AS_CONFED_SET in BGP'
  (draft-ietf-idr-deprecate-as-sets-06.txt) as a BCP

This document is the product of the Inter-Domain Routing Working Group.

The IESG contact persons are Stewart Bryant and Adrian Farrel.

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Technical Summary

This document provides advice to operators. It deprecates 
the use of the AS_SET and AS_CONFED_SET types of 
the AS_PATH in BGPv4. This is done to simplify the 
design and implementation of the BGP protocol and to make
the semantics of the originator of a route more clear.

Working Group Summary

This document was adopted as a WG item on 
Oct 25th, 2010. There was an initial WGLC 
that concluded on April 13th, 2010. Comments 
from the initial WGLC were integrated and a 
second WGLC held, which concluded on May17, 2011. 

Document Quality

This note provides advice to operators proposing that
they cease using a current BGP protocol feature.


John Scudder ( is the document shepherd.
Stewart Bryant ( is the responsible AD.

RFC Editor Note

There is no RFC2119 language used in the draft.

Please remove section 2 - the RFC2119 section and the
RFC2119 reference.