Runtime Local Mobility Anchor (LMA) Assignment Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6
RFC 6463

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Comment (2011-04-26)
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In section 4.1, the following text is unclear to me:

   When this
   option is included, the MAG may be assigned with another LMA, and the
   assigned LMA may simultaneously create a Binding Cache Entry (BCE).
   Hence, the MAG including this option MUST be able to support runtime
   LMA assignment with and without a creation of a BCE in the runtime
   assigned LMA.

As I understand the architecture of the LMA, the BCE is an
implementation structure in the LMA and not immediately visible to the
MAG.  What change in behavior on the part of the MAG is required to
support these two different scenarios?


In section 4.1, BCE is expanded in RFC 5213, which is pointed to in
the Terminology section.  For consistency, no need to expand it here.

In section 4.1, s/There can  zero/There can be zero/

End of section 5.1, s/treat the of the PBA/process the PBA/

In section 5.2, is "LMA" as used in this section equivalent to
"runtime assignment domain" as defined in the terminology section?

Section 7 seems superfluous, and it mentions three configuration
variables but only lists two.

Is there a registry for the Status values defined in section 9?

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Comment (2011-04-20)
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Some typos:
-in section 1, "practise" -> "practice"
-in section 1, "due caching" -> "due to caching"
-missing period at end of section 3
-in section 5.1, "at time" -> "at a time"
-in section 5.1, "the of the" -> "the"

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Comment (2011-09-05)
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Thank you for fixing my earlier Comment

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Comment (2011-04-21)
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Please consider the minor and editorial comments from the Gen-ART
  Review by Pete McCann on 14-Apr-2011.

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Comment (2011-04-28 for -** No value found for 'p.get_dochistory.rev' **)
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Section 7. Configuration variables starts by mentioning that three configuration variables are defined in the document, and then defines ... two. 

Also - why are these called 'configuration variables' and not 'configuration objects'? 

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