Data for Reachability of Inter-/Intra-NetworK SIP (DRINKS) Use Cases and Protocol Requirements
RFC 6461

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 06 and is now closed.

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Comment (2011-11-02)
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I would think that it would be much better if the requirements were complete sentences, but won't hold the document up over it ...

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Comment (2011-11-03)
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Section 3 typo

s/(see Section Section 5)/(see Section 5)/

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Comment (2011-11-01)
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- I was confused by this: "Any request to provision, modify or
delete data is subject to several security considerations (see
Section Section 5).  This document does not address these
considerations. " Section 5 does seem to address the security
considerations so I don't get it?

- Section 5 says that authorization is REQUIRED, which is fine,
but you're not clear on the intended granularity which will make
a huge difference. If you could state e.g. whether or not UC PI#6
(modification of authority) has to be authorized at the level of a
specific phone number that'd make it clear.  As is, you've punted
on this, so may have more trouble getting closure on the

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