MPLS Transport Profile Lock Instruct and Loopback Functions
RFC 6435

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- It seems that the LI message allows setting a timer so that
repeat LI messages only need to be sent every 255 seconds, and one
of those every ~15 minutes (255*3.5) would keep a locked section
locked.  Would it be worth nothing this potential DoS in the
security considerations, since that's quite a good return for the
putative attacker in terms of bits sent by the attacker vs. bits
not sent due to the DoS?

- NMS is used but not expanded/defined
- s/despatch/dispatch/?
- s/must e/must be/
- s/either end/both ends/ would be better in 6.2, 1st para

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s1.1: Is it update or replace s7.1.1?  I guess it really doesn't matter, but if the intent is really to completely replace then maybe it'd be clearer to just say that.  Also, s6.2 of this draft discusses unlocking and s7.1.2 discussed unlocking so shouldn't s1.1 of this draft also point out that 7.1.2 is also updated/replaced?

s2.2: RFC 6371 uses LKI for Lock Instruction instead of LI.  Are there other MPLS RFCs/I-Ds that use LKI instead of LI?  Just trying to make sure they're all lined up nicely.

s2.2: add: NMS     Network Management System

s4.1: r/This possible for/This is possible for ?

s5.2: Any reason to not start at 0?  Seems like you're burning a number.

s7: Well I'm not so sure it's a security issue, but is there a concern about sending real traffic during a loopback?  In other words should you always send some dummy traffic?

(Stewart Bryant) Recuse