Using the Generic Associated Channel Label for Pseudowire in the MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP)
RFC 6423

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Comment (2011-09-21)
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Section 1

   [RFC5586] defines a generalized label-based exception mechanism using 
   the Generic Associated Channel Label (GAL) to work together with the 
   ACH for use with LSPs but places restrictions on GAL usage with PWs.  

   This document removes the restriction imposed by [RFC5586]. 

Please clarify one or more restrictions?


Section 3

   This indicates that the GAL can be used for MPLS-TP LSPs and Sections, 
   but not for PWs using an MPLS-TP PSN. 

What does it mean for a PW to use an MPLS-TP PSN?

   but not for PWs in an MPLS-TP network.





s/[RFC5586]/RFC 5586/


Section 1
s/associated control channel/Associated Channel/  (per RFC 5085)


Section 1
s/generalizes this for use in the/generalizes this for use as the/


Section 3 para 1

Delete "appropriate" or fix as suggested by Stephen

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Comment (2011-09-16)
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typo: s/architectures appropriate/architectures as appropriate/
in section 3

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Comment (2011-09-22)
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OAM is defined in the terminology section but never used. I suggest to drop it. 

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