Voice over IP (VoIP) SIP Peering Use Cases
RFC 6405

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Is there a specific intended purpose for these use cases: requirements development, guidance to developers/deployers, ???

Sorry for the minor rant, but the phrase "attempts to 'do something useful'" is a hot button for me.  So, I'm going to indulge my inner pedant here.

In the Introduction:

   This document attempts to capture Voice over IP (VoIP) use cases for
   Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) [RFC3261] based peering.

"Attempts to capture" probably isn't a useful result.  How about "describes important Voice over IP (VoIP) use cases, as determined by the SPEERMINT working group, ..."

And, s/SPEERMING/SPEERMINT" in the header...

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RFC 4366 is not referenced in the text, so it should be deleted.

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Comment (2009-10-09)
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Section 5.6 is surprisingly lean as compared to the various static use cases. That may be because it is hard to describe in general terms, but I was expecting a lot more detail there.

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