The 'Codecs' and 'Profiles' Parameters for "Bucket" Media Types
RFC 6381

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 09 and is now closed.

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If a codecs parameter could cause a device to automatically
download code that could be (and has been) a vector for
malware installation. I think that'd be worth noting in the
security considerations since the abstract says that you
might react that way.

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It's not good to place normative text into ABNF comments, so please move these directives to real paragraphs:

                  ; Parsers MAY ignore <language>
                  ; Parsers MAY support only US-ASCII and UTF-8

Does the text "Parsers MAY support only US-ASCII and UTF-8" actually mean "Parsers MUST support US-ASCII and UTF-8 but MAY support other encodings"? If so, please add a normative reference to RFC 3629 for UTF-8.

Nothing in the text explains why Section 3.4 is included. reports several errors in the ABNF.

I concur with the feedback provided by Robert Sparks and Sean Turner.

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#1) Section 3.1 & 4.2 contains the following:

   This parameter is optional in all current types to which it is added.

shouldn't it be "OPTIONAL"?

#2) Section 3.1 contains the following:

  Future types that contain ambiguity are strongly encouraged to
   include this parameter.

Could we strengthen this to say "are RECOMMENDED"?

#3) Section 3.1 and 4.2 contains the following:

   An element MAY include an octet that [RFC2045] REQUIRES to be

REQUIRES isn't 2119 language and I'm not sure you meant to use it here.  I think you can probably lower case this because it's a requirement from 2045.

#4) Section 3.5 contains the following:

   For existing media types, it is generally advisable for
   the parameter to be optional; for new media types, the parameter MAY
   be optional or required, as appropriate.

Shouldn't optional be OPTIONAL?

#5) Section 4.3 contains the following:

   The 'profiles' parameter is an optional parameter that indicates one
   or more profiles to which the file claims conformance.

Shouldn't it be OPTIONAL?