MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Survivability Framework
RFC 6372

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Comment (2010-06-30)
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I thought this I-D was very well written.  I just found nits, which I bet the RFC-editor would have caught:

1) Section 1.2: r/in[RFC4427]/in [RFC4427]

2) Section 2: I think a verb is missing:

 The terms "defect" and "failure" are used interchangeably to
 indicate any defect or failure in the sense that they defined in
                                                      ^ are?

3) Section 4.1: r/OAM mechanisms ,/OAM mechanisms,

4) Section 4.1.3: Add period: [MPLS-TP-OAM-Framework].

5) Section 4.4.2: Add period: (1:n or m:n).

6) Section 4.4.3: Add period: service degradation.

7) Section 4.7: Missing ): (see Section
   4.5 associated with the protection function. 

8) Section 4.7.6: Extra "1"?:

 Additionally, note that the shared-protection resources could be used
 1 to carry extra traffic,  for example, in Figure 4, an LSP JPQRK
 ^ ?

9) Section 6.1.1: Missing period: etc.).

10) Section 6.1.2: Missing periods (X2): recovery entity.

11) Section 6.4: r/(Maintenance Group Intermediate Points (MIPs)/MIPs (Maintenance Group Intermediate Points)

12) Section 6.5: r/t1he/the

(Adrian Farrel) Recuse