Basic Socket Interface Extensions for the Host Identity Protocol (HIP)
RFC 6317

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Acronyms used ahead of section 2.
HIP (Expanded in second paragraph of section 1; used in first paragraph)


Acronyms used without expansion


Might be nice to describe the "experiment" in a little more detail. In 
particular, how will you judge the success of the experiment?


Figure 2
Stray character at the start of the ship_hit line.

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  Several editorial improvements were suggested in the Gen-ART Review
  by Ben Campbell.  Please consider them.

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A good document. Some examples would be nice though.


10.  Normative References

              Richardson, M., Williams, N., Komu, M., and S. Tarkoma,
              "C-Bindings for IPsec Application Programming Interfaces",
              draft-ietf-btns-c-api-04 (work in progress), March 2009.

              Nordmark, E. and M. Bagnulo, "Shim6: Level 3 Multihoming
              Shim Protocol for IPv6", draft-ietf-shim6-proto-12 (work
              in progress), February 2009.

The above references look Informative to me.

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ORCHIDs currently have a default sunset in 2014:

2001:10::/28    ORCHID      21 Mar 07        21 Mar 14         Overlay       See RFC             Not Routed     [RFC4843]

Should this document ask an implementor to check to see if that's been
updated? (What will maintenance of the stream look like if something unexpected happens and this ORCHID assignment is not renewed?)

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