AS112 Nameserver Operations
RFC 6304

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This document is the product of the Domain Name System Operations Working

The IESG contact persons are Ron Bonica and Dan Romascanu.

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 Technical Summary

 Many sites connected to the Internet make use of IPv4 addresses that
   are not globally-unique.  Examples are the addresses designated in
   RFC 1918 for private use within individual sites.

   Devices in such environments may occasionally originate Domain Name
   System (DNS) queries (so-called "reverse lookups") corresponding to
   those private-use addresses.  Since the addresses concerned have only
   local significance, it is good practice for site administrators to
   ensure that such queries are answered locally.  However, it is not
   uncommon for such queries to follow the normal delegation path in the
   public DNS instead of being answered within the site.

   It is not possible for public DNS servers to give useful answers to
   such queries.  In addition, due to the wide deployment of private-use
   addresses and the continuing growth of the Internet, the volume of
   such queries is large and growing.  The AS112 project aims to provide
   a distributed sink for such queries in order to reduce the load on
   the root and IN-ADDR.ARPA authoritative servers.  The AS112 project
   is named after the Autonomous System Number (ASN) that was assigned
   to it.

   This document describes the steps required to install a new AS112
   node, and offers advice relating to such a node's operation.

Working Group Summary

     The working group was supportive of this and the associated AS112 operations document.  
     Nothing particularly controversial came up.

     Document Quality
    This document reflects current practice and operational reality.
     AS112 nodes are wiedely deployed.


Peter Koch is shepherd for this document.