A Framework of Media-Independent Pre-Authentication (MPA) for Inter-Domain Handover Optimization
RFC 6252

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Comment (2011-01-05)
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From the Intro:

   In this document
   we discuss a framework to support terminal mobility that provides
   seamless handovers with low latency and low loss.

Are there other components to terminal mobility aside from MPA?

Section 1.2:

   A trade-off between one-way-delay and
   packet loss is desired based on the type of application.

Unclear to me - a trade-off should be available through tuning or
one-way-delay should be improved relative to packet loss?

Section 3: Define "inter-subnet handover"?

Section 6.1:

   MPA provides three basic procedures to provide this functionality.
   The first procedure is referred to as "pre-authentication", the
   second procedure is referred to as "pre-configuration", the
   combination of the third and fourth procedures are referred to as
   "secure proactive handover".

"three basic procedures" and "third and fourth procedures" is
confusing; where did that fourth procedure come from?

Section 6.1:

   Especially, the third procedure described above (i.e., binding update

Change "third procedure described above" to "step (iii) in the
previous paragraph" to avoid confusion with the use of "procedures in
the earlier paragraph in section 6.1.

Section 6.2:

   The authentication
   protocol MUST be able to derive a key between the mobile node and the
   authentication agent and SHOULD be able to provide mutual

Is "derive a key between ..." a term of art or can the requirement be
described more accurately as "establish a shared key between..."?

   The authentication protocol SHOULD be able to
   interact with a AAA protocol such as RADIUS and Diameter to carry
   authentication credentials to an appropriate authentication server in
   the AAA infrastructure.

Does the authentication protocol interact directly with the AAA
protocol, or does the interaction happen through the AA?

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