MD4 to Historic Status
RFC 6150

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 11 and is now closed.

(Jari Arkko) Yes

(Russ Housley) Yes

(Alexey Melnikov) Yes

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The document header has:

   Updates: 1320 (once approved)

Why not "Obsoletes: 1320" ?

(Peter Saint-Andre) Yes

(Robert Sparks) Yes

(Ron Bonica) No Objection

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As with the MD2 document, I think it is worth listing the standards 
track documents shown in Section 3 as Updated in the document header.

It looks to me that you might also want to update some of the 
informational documents listed here.

The prime benefit is that those documents will be marked in the RFC
repository as having been updated by this document.


Abstract, etc.

Once published, this document should be more assertive. Thus:
This document recommends RFC 1320 be moved to Historic status.
This document moves RFC 1320 to Historic status.



4. Impact on Moving MD4 to Historic



Section 4

   o MD4 was used in the Inter-Domain Routing Protocol (IDRP); each IDRP
     message carries a 16-octet hash that is computed by applying the
     MD-4 algorithm (RFC 1320) to the context of the message itself.
     Over time IDRP was replaced by BGP-4.

Need to add a refernce to 4271, and an indication that BGP-4 requires at
least MD-5. You could reference 2385, but that might be de trop.


Section 4

   o The three Microsoft RFCs, [RFC2433], [RFC2759], and [RFC4757], are

Do we need to describe these as "Microsoft RFCs"? 
How about: "The three RFCs describing Microsoft protocols"?

(Tim Polk) No Objection

(Sean Turner) Recuse