IPv4 Run-Out and IPv4-IPv6 Co-Existence Scenarios
RFC 6127

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From the Security Directorate review:

  The security considerations section does exist and defers to
  wing-nat-pt-replacement-comparison for some of the solutions.
  wing-nat-pt-replacement-comparison discusses possible DoS and
  spoofing attacks when sharing an IPv4 amongst multiple subscribers.
  Though it would be nice if either this draft or the one referenced
  would prescribe techniques to mitigate such attacks. 

  General comments:


  Editorial comments:

  s/reader to be consider/reader to consider/

  This sentence should be restructured for readability purposes:

  For deployments where the GW is owned and operated by the customer,
  this becomes operational overhead for the Internet Service Provider
  (ISP) that it will no longer be able to rely on the customer and the
  seller of the GW device for.

  s/of NAT444 need/of NAT444 needs/

  s/tunnel could created/tunnel could be created/

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A well written document.


The tunnel could created in any number of
The tunnel could be created in any number of

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I don't find the Security section very strong or helpful. I think that
rather than pointing to an example (non-normative) 

And a couple of nits I found along the way...


Section 1 page 5
s/public addresses and on the IPv4/public addresses, and on the IPv4/


Section 2.1

more hosts behind the gateway (GW) as there are IPv4

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