BCP 47 Extension U
RFC 6067

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This is a fine specification. Here are a few nits.

1. Section 2.1 has the text "(for details see Section 3)" but that is a reference to Section 3 of UTS35, not to Section 3 of the RFC-to-be. Please either remove the parenthetical clause or state clearly "(for details see Section 3 of [UTS35])".

2. There is a typo in "the first occurrence of an attributes or key conveys meaning"; it seems that "attributes" should be "attribute".

3. In the text "[w]ith successive versions of [UTS35], additional attributes, keys, and types MAY be defined", I think "might" is better than "MAY" since there is no normative force to those words and therefore conformance terms don't apply.

4. The information about accessing machine-readable files is helpful to developers, but might quickly become dated; I suggest providing a pointer to the CLDR project, such as "For information about retrieving machine-readable files listing the valid attributes, keys, and types associated with each successive version of [UTS35], visit <http://cldr.unicode.org>."

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Comment (2010-08-11)
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I suspect the RFC editor will complain about the compound reference for [UTS35].  Are references to the specific sections needed?  If you want to keep them, then in the past the way I've seen it done (see RFC 5751) is to renumber 6.1 and 6.2 to 6.2 and 6.3.  Add a new section 6.1 that addresses says [UTS35] refers to the three new reference tags.  In the new section 6.2, make up some reference tags like: [UTS35-All], [UTS-Sec3], [UTS-Sec5].  It might be easier to just remove them.

Is the [US-ASCII] reference the same as:

    American National Standards Institute,
    "Coded Character Sets - 7-Bit American
    Standard Code for Information
    Interchange (7-Bit ASCII), ANSI X3.4",

I ask because this was the reference recently suggested to me for ASCII.