Implementation Report for Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES)
RFC 6053

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Comment (2010-08-11)
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I support Dan's discuss.  To my reading, two interoperable implementations of the security features are needed
to fully satisfy the requirements for Draft Standard specified in 2026.  The requirements were loosened in 5652
(see section 6.2) but I do not think there would be IETF consensus to support an exception case for *all* the
security features.  

At a minimum, I know one Security AD that would object... :)  

The simplest solution would be to remove the first sentence in section 3.  Creating and demonstrating the
interoperability of two implementations of the security features would more difficult but more rewarding.

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Comment (2010-08-10)
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This is a fine document. Thank you for completing interoperability testing and for documenting the results!

One nit: several acronyms are not expanded on first use (e.g., "PL" and "XML").

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