RTP Payload Format for 1-D Interleaved Parity Forward Error Correction (FEC)
RFC 6015

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After Magnus explained limitation of SDP regarding use of MIME types (the same top level MIME type has to be used for all media streams), I remove my DISCUSS about registration of text/1d-interleaved-parityfec.
I wish SDP didn't have this limitation, but not much I can do about that anyway.

Comments from ietf-types review (see <http://eikenes.alvestrand.no/pipermail/ietf-types/2009-December/002300.html>):

>>   o  rate:  The RTP timestamp (clock) rate.  The rate SHALL be larger
>>      than 1000 Hz to provide sufficient resolution to RTCP operations.
>>      However, it is RECOMMENDED to select the rate that matches the
>>      rate of the protected source RTP stream.
> I am not sure from this what the syntax is, the text makes it sound
> like rate="1001 Hz" might be it. Perhaps something like "The RTP time-
> stamp (clock) rate in Hz. The rate SHALL be larger than 1000 ..." to
> make it clearer. Alternatively "an integer ..." like some of the other
> parameters say.

Magnus replied: Yes, I would agree, because the value is just the integer "rate=1001".

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Comment (2010-01-05)
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Would it make sense to explain the relationship of this document and 5109
(which obsoleted 2733 and 3009) in section 1.3?

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