RMD-QOSM: The NSIS Quality-of-Service Model for Resource Management in Diffserv
RFC 5977

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Subject: Document Action: 'RMD-QOSM - The NSIS Resource Management in Diffserv QOS Model' to Experimental RFC

The IESG has approved the following document:

- 'RMD-QOSM - The NSIS Resource Management in Diffserv QOS Model '
   <draft-ietf-nsis-rmd-20.txt> as an Experimental RFC

This document is the product of the Next Steps in Signaling Working Group. 

The IESG contact person is Lars Eggert.

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Technical Summary

This document describes an NSIS QoS Model for networks that use the
Resource Management in Diffserv (RMD) concept. RMD is a technique for
adding admission control and pre-emption function to Differentiated
Services (Diffserv) networks. The RMD QoS Model allows devices external
to the RMD network to signal reservation requests to edge nodes in the
RMD network. The RMD Ingress edge nodes classify the incoming flows into
traffic classes and signals resource requests for the corresponding
traffic class along the data path to the Egress edge nodes for each
flow. Egress nodes reconstitute the original requests and continue
forwarding them along the data path towards the final destination. In
addition, RMD defines notification functions to indicate overload
situations within the domain to the edge nodes.

Working Group Summary

The document is a product of the NSIS working group. Various WG members
have reviewed the document and provided feedback, which the authors have
gladly incorporated into the document.

Document Quality

The presented QoS model combines the class-based approach to QoS defined
by the DiffServ model and explicit signaling mechanisms defined by the
QoS NSLP. The solution seeks to make best use of both types of
approaches for use in QoS management inside a domain; the solution is
not meant as a fully end-to-end scheme. The RMD concept has been
initially presented several years back in a number of scientific papers,
this document presents how the scheme can be implemented within the NSIS
framework. No information is available about the number and quality of
implementations of the technology inside the NSIS architecture.


The document shepherd is Jukka Manner (jukka.manner@tkk.fi). Lars Eggert
(lars.eggert@nokia.com) reviewed this document for the IESG.