Signaling LDP Label Advertisement Completion
RFC 5919

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Add "(no affiliation)" for Bob Thomas on the title page to avoid confusion with (possible) affiliation with Huawei?

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Comment (2009-08-11)
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INTRODUCTION, paragraph 4:
>                               LDP End-of-LIB

  Please expand all acronyms on first use.

Section 0, paragraph 3:
>       U and F bits: Should be set 1 and 0 respectively as per section 4
>    of LDP Capabilities [LDPCap].

  s/Should/MUST/ or else explain when it is OK to not set these bits as
  described in [LDPCap]

Section 0, paragraph 5:
>       S-bit: Must be 1 (indicates that capability is being advertised).


Section 5., paragraph 1:
>    determination is a judgement call the LDP speaker makes.  The

  Nit: s/judgement/judgment/

Section 9.1., paragraph 4:
>    [TypedWC] Thomas, B., Minei, I., "LDP Typed Wildcard FEC", draft-
>              ietf-mpls-ldp-typed-wildcard-03, Work in Progress, March
>              2008.

  Expired since September 2008...

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In Section 5.4;

   To deal with the possibility of missing notifications, an LDP speaker 
   may time out receipt of an expected End-of-LIB Notification, and if 
   the timeout occurs, it may behave as if it had received the 
   notification. If the End-of-LIB Notification message is received 
   after the time-out occurs, then the message should be ignored. 

s/should/SHOULD ?

draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-capabilities was published as an RFC.

What is the status of ietf-mpls-ldp-typed-wildcard?

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Comment (2009-08-10 for -** No value found for 'p.get_dochistory.rev' **)
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This is a relatively concise and well-written specification. I beieve that the following editorial improvements would add to clarity. 

1. 'End-of-LIB' is mentioned in the title, but this being the name of the message and not a very self-explaining one people may have problems in understanding what the specification is about. Replacing with something more explicit, or detailing in the abstract that 'End-ofLIB' is the name of the message would help. 

2. Acronyms like FEC or TLV should be expanded at first occurance. 

3. Section 5 is non-normative, including implementation and behavior guidelines. The exception is 5.4 which includes a mandatory behavior requirement without which interoperability is not possible. I would suggest moving 5.4 to section 4 - as this is note than a 'guideline' item.

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