Trust Anchor Format
RFC 5914

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 04 and is now closed.

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Comment (2009-10-15)
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Updated as per draft-ietf-pkix-ta-format-04.txt:

2.4.  Trust Anchor Title

    TrustAnchorTitle ::= UTF8String (SIZE (1..64))

   taTitle is OPTIONAL.  When it is present, it provides a human
   readable name for the trust anchor.  The text is encoded in UTF-8
   [RFC3629], which accommodates most of the world's writing systems.
   The taTitleLangTag field identifies the language used to express the
   taTitle.  When taTitleLangTag is absent, English is used.  The value

Nit: this should clarify that "en" language tag is assumed, e.g.

 When taTitleLangTag is absent, English ("en" language tag) is used.

   of the taTitleLangTag should be a language tag as described in

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