HTTP Cache-Control Extensions for Stale Content
RFC 5861

Approval announcement
Draft of message to be sent after approval:

From: The IESG <>
To: RFC Editor <>
Cc: The IESG <>, <>,
Subject: Re: Informational RFC to be: draft-nottingham-http-stale-

The IESG has no problem with the publication of 'HTTP Cache-Control
Extensions for Stale Content'
<draft-nottingham-http-stale-controls-00.txt> as an Informational RFC.

The IESG would also like the RFC-Editor to review the comments in 
the datatracker 
related to this document and determine whether or not they merit 
incorporation into the document. Comments may exist in both the ballot 
and the comment log. 

The IESG contact person is Lisa Dusseault.

A URL of this Internet-Draft is:

The process for such documents is described at

Thank you,

The IESG Secretary

This is a submission to the RFC Editor. The HTTPBIS WG is aware of and has
no problems with the publication of these HTTP Cache-Control header
extensions in the independent stream.  Recommendation is to let the RFC
Editor publish this as it likes with no IESG note.