Requirements for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) in MPLS Transport Networks
RFC 5860

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Comment (2009-10-07)
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Section 2.2.12., paragraph 1:
>    The MPLS-TP OAM toolset MUST provide a function to enable the
>    quantification of the one-way, and if appropriate, the two-way, delay
>    of a PW, LSP or Section.

  Both the IETF and the ITU-T have detailed delay metrics, and they are
  even aligned between the two bodies [RFC2679][RFC2681]. Should we
  refer to these here?

Section 3., paragraph 1:
>    A mechanism (e.g., rate limiting) MUST be provided to prevent OAM
>    packets from causing congestion in the Packet Switched Network.

  Rate limiting only works in conjunciton with reserved PSN capacity for
  OAM (limit the rate to at most the reserved capacity.)

Section 2.1.1., paragraph 1:
>    point associated bidirectional LSPs, point-to-point undirectional

  Nit: s/undirectional/unidirectional/

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