Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Protocol Base MIB
RFC 5833

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Comment (2010-01-19)
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Support Russ's Discuss about separating the protocol extensions from 
this MIB module specification. It seems that these protocol extensions
would be useful even if some other form of configuration (other than
SNMP) was used.


Section 9.1

   DataChannelKeepAlive:  A 16-bit value representing the time,
      in seconds, that is used by the WTP to determine the next
      must transmit the Data Channel Keep Alive. (see section 4.7.2 of

s/next/next time it/

   DataChannelDeadInterval:  A 16-bit value representing the minimum
      time, in seconds, a WTP MUST wait without having received a Data
      Channel Alive packets MAY be considered dead.  The value of this
      timer MUST be no less than 2*DataChannelKeepAlive seconds and
      no greater that 240 seconds (see section 4.7.3 of [RFC5415]).

s/packets MAY/packet before it MAY/


It would be nice to indicate the source RFCs in comments in the IMPORTS

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Comment (2010-01-16 for -** No value found for 'p.get_dochistory.rev' **)
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capwapBaseNtfStationIdList OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX      LongUtf8String (SIZE (6..1024))
    MAX-ACCESS  accessible-for-notify
    STATUS      current
        "Represents a list of station identifiers separated by
        "Section 4.6.17. of CAPWAP Protocol Specification, RFC 5415."

Is the section reference correct?
RFC 5415, Section 4.6.17 has title "Decryption Error Report".

    ::= { capwapBaseNotifyVarObjects 6 }

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