Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Ethernet Label Switching Architecture and Framework
RFC 5828

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I have no problem with the approval of this document which I consider useful and well-written. There are however a few terminology and references issues which need to be fixed before publication: 

1. The document uses several times the term Ethernet Spanning Tree. This is incorrect from an IEEE 802 point of view, as Spanning Tree is designed to work with multiple 802 protocols, not only with Ethernet. I suggest that this term is replaced wherever it appears by Spanning Tree running on Ethernet or just Spanning Tree. 

2. There are some abbreviations missing - one is very obvious I-TAG - it should be included in the abbreviations list especially as S-TAG is included already

3. Same as for #1 in section 6 the first phrase says "Link discovery was specified for Ethernet ..." this is not accurate as link discovery was specified for links interconnecting IEEE 802.1 bridges, it runs on Ethernet but not only on Ethernet

4. A number of IEEE 802.1 references have progressed since the references section was written - among them IEEE 802.1 Qay and IEEE 802.1AE were approved as standards

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