Graceful Shutdown in MPLS and Generalized MPLS Traffic Engineering Networks
RFC 5817

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This document is the product of the Common Control and Measurement Plane Working Group. 

The IESG contact persons are Adrian Farrel and Ross Callon.

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Technical Summary

   MPLS-TE Graceful Shutdown is a method for explicitly notifying
   the nodes in a Traffic Engineering (TE) enabled network that the
   TE capability on a link or on an entire Label Switching Router
   (LSR) is going to be disabled. MPLS-TE graceful shutdown
   mechanisms are tailored toward addressing planned outage in the

   This document provides requirements and protocol mechanisms to
   reduce/eliminate traffic disruption in the event of a planned
   shutdown of a network resource. These operations are equally
   applicable to both MPLS and its Generalized MPLS (GMPLS)

   This document explains usage of existing protocol mechanisms to
   support a "Graceful Shutdown" operation. No new protocol mechanisms 
   are defined

Working Group Summary

   The document was significantly revised to be in line with
   draft-ietf-mpls-gmpls-lsp-reroute.  Much of the WG discussion focused
   on this.  Once alignment was agreed upon, there was no significant

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