Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Transactions
RFC 5805

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Comment (2009-12-04)
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>3.5. Miscellaneous Issues
>  Transactions cannot be nested.

Can you clarify what you mean here?
Do you mean that the client can't issue several Transaction Start commands in a row (on a single LDAP association)?

>5. Distributed Directory Considerations
>  This mechanism defined by this document does not support client-side
>  chasing.  Transaction identifiers are specific to a particular LDAP
>  association (as established via the LDAP Bind operation).

Just to double check: does this mean that transaction identifiers can't be reused on other LDAP connections and that they don't have to be globally unique?

>10.2. Informative References
>  [DONTUSECOPY] Zeilenga, K., "LDAP Don't Use Copy Control", draft-
>                zeilenga-ldap-dontusecopy-xx.txt, a work in progress.


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Comment (2009-12-16)
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What's experimental about this protocol extension and why is it on the independent stream rather than going for PS?

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Comment (2009-12-17)
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  I think the section in the write-up labelled "IESG Note" should be
  labelled "Note to RFC Editor".  The intent is not to put the text
  in that section into the document.

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Comment (2009-12-17)
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I support Adrian's DISCUSS. I believe that this document is very useful and that Experimental is the right status for it, and for these reasons I would like to see the conditions of the experiment and the criteria for success clearly defined.

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